Medical Professionals

We will adopt various forms to carry out publicity and policy promotion of maternal and child health education, improve the health awareness of women and children, and promote the health of women and children.

Medical Professionals

Full name:LI Fenglian

Post:Chief physician

Scope of responsibility:


LI Fenglian, the chief physician, has been engaged in clinical practice of obstetrics and gynecology for 33 years and accumulated rich clinical experience; won the honorary title of Advanced Worker of Hangzhou Health System in 2002; enrolled in the graduate class of Clinical Medicine in Zhejiang University School of Medicine from 2002 and 2004; pursued for further study in Women’s Hospital School of Medicine Zhejiang University in 2007; selected as the candidate of 131 Excellent Young and Middle-Aged Talents Cultivation in Hangzhou in 2003.

Scientific Research Achievements and Part-time Social Academic Work

Diagnosis and treatment of cervical diseases, perimenopausal health care, the female reproductive system infection diseases, etc.