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Hangzhou Women’s Hospital and the First People’s Hospital of Fuyang, Hangzhou Sign Cooperation Agreement

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A signing ceremony was held in Fuyang District this afternoon for the opening of a cooperative hospital and the technical cooperation between our hospital and the First People’s Hospital of Fuyang.


ZHAO Huachun, a member of the Party Committee and Deputy Director General of Fuyang District Health Bureau, president ZHANG Zhifen and vice president HU Wensheng of Hangzhou Women’s Hospital, and HE Zhengfei, Secretary of the Party Committee, and president WEN Liping of the First People’s Hospital of Fuyang attended the signing ceremony.


President ZHANG Zhifen addressed the ceremony. She said the Hangzhou Prenatal Diagnosis (Screening) Center of Hangzhou Women’s Hospital is a department to which “prenatal diagnosis”, a secondary key discipline of Hangzhou, and Hangzhou Birth Defect Prevention and Treatment Center are affiliated. Committed to organizing, coordinating and guiding the integrated prevention and treatment of birth defects in the city, the center is directed by HU Wensheng, vice president and prenatal diagnosis expert of Hangzhou Women’s Hospital, and capable of realizing a number of prenatal diagnosis technologies and intrauterine therapies. As a tertiary grade-B general hospital, the First People’s Hospital of Fuyang is most competitive among district-level hospitals in Hangzhou. Therefore, the cooperative hospital will surely bring convenience to people in Fuyang District and surrounding areas, and become popular among pregnant and lying-in women by providing reproductive medical guidance.

ZHAO Huachun, a member of the Party Committee and Deputy Director General of Fuyang District Health Bureau, congratulated the two hospitals on their signing on behalf of the Party Committee. He also expressed their gratitude to Hangzhou Women’s Hospital for its support to maternal and child health in Fuyang. According to his instruction, the First People’s Hospital of Fuyang will coordinate with the cooperation and provide services so that the work and life of experts in Hangzhou goes well.


The cooperation fully complies with the requirements of “talents and resources to lower units and improvement of service capacity and efficiency” of the CPC Zhejiang Provincial Committee and Zhejiang Provincial Government. Technical cooperation will be carried out by the two parties on the principle of “mutual benefit, honesty and trustworthiness, sincere cooperation and common development” to cater to the health care needs of people to the greatest extent possible and improve patient satisfaction.


 “Among best landscapes of the world, Fuchun has been the greatest.” It is convenient to travel between Fuyang District and Shangcheng District. Starting from the current cooperation in prenatal diagnosis (fetal medicine), the two sides will have further cooperation and exchanges.