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Among the First National Echelon After Foundation for 5 Years! Evaluated A for China Tertiary Public Hospital

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Recently, the first assessment report of China tertiary public hospital performance was unveiled. There’re 9 specialized hospitals in Zhejiang that get grade A, among which there’re 3 maternity hospitals. And Hangzhou Women’s Hospital (Hangzhou Maternity and Child Health Care Hospital is one of them with high distinction, and ranks the first national echelon.


It is learned that this assessment includes monitoring analysis for 2,398 tertiary public hospitals. 26 monitoring indexes are assessed from 4 dimensions: medical quality, operational efficiency, sustainable development and satisfaction evaluation.


According to ZHANG Zhifen, President of Hangzhou Women’s Hospital, the good result in the China public hospital performance assessment shall be indispensable of the concerted efforts of the hospital staff who forge ahead with determination.

Medical Safety Insured by Fine Management

Since the hospital was established 5 years ago, it has attached constant importance to fine management by introducing multiple quality improvement tools such as PDCA, FMEA, 6S and QCC. Each year, a quality management subject will be determined. Nearly 100 quality projects have been improved continuously, which optimizes the diagnosis and treatment process, enhances service quality and administrative efficiency.


Maternal and child safety is always the first. Normalized process have been worked out for treatment of critical diseases like amniotic fluid embolism, placental abruption, severe preeclampsia and severe postpartum hemorrhage. Drill is emphasized. It takes as short as 6 minutes from making decision to delivery of baby in emergent cases of prolapse of cord and severe fetal distress, on average 20 minutes—dominating the industry. The delivery quantity of the hospital in 2019 exceeds 15,000, ranking second in Zhejiang. The cesarean section rate is the lowest throughout the province.


The concept of “painless hospital” enjoys popular support. The most comprehensive painless delivery is provided by the hospital. In addition to safe and comfortable delivery environment, Doula accompany delivery is conducted roundly. And it is among the first to offer water delivery. The intraspinal analgesia rate is up to 50%, which is higher than the national average level (10%).


Over the past few years, the hospital has been actively engaged in day surgeries. The inpatient surgical cases like hysteroscopy, benign ovarian tumor and extrauterine pregnancy originally lasting for 3-4 days can have admission for day surgery and discharge on the same day.


In the ranking for 15 tertiary specialized hospital for maternal and child health care of Zhejiang published in the bulletin DRGs-Based Performance Analysis of Tertiary Hospital in Zhejiang, its ranking rises from 13th in 2016 to 2nd in 2019; and tops the medical history quality control inspection of Hangzhou in 2019.

Meanwhile, it is the first specialized hospital in Zhejiang that passes international hospital accreditation. The patient safety rating of the hospital in 2019 is higher than the average level of American medical institutions, which means that the quality and safety cultural development of the hospital has catered to the world.



Tamping Discipline Status by Branding Specialized Hospital


Although young, the hospital has constantly maintained distinctive features. By constructing a “full-process” maternal and child health care service system, it gives women full life circle health management.


The Reproductive Endocrinology Center is the first training base for gynecological endocrine in China. Its success rate of test-tube baby reaches 60%, at a leading level around China. The Climacteric Hygiene was awarded state-level specialized subject for climacteric hygiene in 2019, one of the first 18 organizations approved in China and the sole in Zhejiang to be included.


The Treatment & Diagnosis for Private Plastic Center for Pelvic Floor is among the first in Eastern China and the sole in Zhejiang to be awarded “China Technical Training Center for Prevention and Treatment of Women’s Pelvic Floor Dysfunction Diseases” by Chinese Preventive Medicine Association. Every year, the Center carries out pelvic floor rehabilitation therapy for more than 30,000 person-times and over 200 pelvic floor reconstructive surgeries. And the bilateral sacrospinous ligament suspension with uterus preserved is an initiative in Zhejiang and dominating in China. Thanks to that, thousands of women suffering from “cancer that never dies” (prolapse of uterus, gatism) take a new lease of life.


The Prenatal Diagnosis Center is one the five organizations in Zhejiang to have prenatal diagnosis project approved, including diverse intrauterine diagnosis and treatment techniques. It is the first in Hangzhou to conduct reduction of birth defects for twins by means of intrauterine radiofrequency ablation.




The Family Planning Center is the technical service guidance center for family planning of Hangzhou. As one of the 4 test organizations for postpartum contraception designated by the nation, it boasts a number of provincial leading techniques.

The General Medical Examination offers one-stop full life circle physical examination as customized by each individual and guidance on sound child rearing for childbearing couples.



Intelligent Medical Treatment Simplifies Medical Procedures


The hospital intensifies development of informatization. “Patient run” is substituted by “procedures flow”, “machine flow” and “data flow”. The medical procedures are thus simplified from treatment through examination appointment to hospitalization fee settlement and logistics within hospital.


The APP “Maternal and Child Manual” that the hospital mainly constructs is a pioneer in China, balancing the interaction between physical examination by doctor and health self-management by pregnant and lying-in women.


The “One-stop Service for Newborn” led by the Health Commission of Zhejiang Province is implemented by the hospital which is among the first test organizations in the province. The family of newborn can apply for certificate through operation on the mobile phone just “beside the bed”; families who are unable to have an immediate application may access to a door-to-door certificate delivery service. Mini “bedside iPad” may provide bedside discharge settlement, nutrition order and online scientific knowledge propagation.


From May this year, appointment register is fully promoted in the hospital. Patients may appoint registration of the day via multiple platforms such as official WeChat account so that they can reasonably plan their travel, reduce time waiting for treatment, conductive to epidemic prevention and control.


There’s also whole-process intelligent service of “Internet+ Maternal and Child Health” comprising of intelligent pharmacy, intelligent logistics, cloud desktop and cloud images.





People-oriented services for better patient experience

The hospital has always advocated family culture since its inception, taking various heart-warming measures. By virtue of the “Kunpeng Series” (Kunpeng Book Bar, Kunpeng Candy Bar, Kunpeng Restaurant and Kunpeng Mummy’s House) and professional popularization of health knowledge, fragrant bread and coffee and other sweet acts of the hospital, patients feel it warm, comfortable and convenient in every corner of the hospital.


In the third-party satisfaction evaluation in 2019, the hospital ranked second among municipal hospitals for the satisfaction rate of 95.34% for two items, first for the satisfaction rate of 99.58% for three items, and third for overall satisfaction score of 90.56. In the year, it was also granted the highest award for medical humanities in China—China National Hospital for Humanities and Love.



As President ZHANG Zhifen said,

we are not the largest specialized hospital,

but we will become one that has leading technologies and provides first-rate services;

we are not an old hospital,

but we will become one that boasts rich culture and pursues excellence;

we are not the most magnificent hospital,

but we will become one that is full of warmth and care.