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Rapid Development with the Original Ambition for the 5th Anniversary of the Hospital

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A clear and loud baby cry was heard at 2:10 on the morning of November 12, 2019, on the first day for the official operation of Hangzhou Women’s Hospital (Hangzhou Maternity and Child Care Hospital), close to Qiantang River. The Hospital, sitting at No. 407, Qingchuan Street, Xihu District, was put into service in October, with support from governments at all levels involved and benefits for the common people there.


Hangzhou Women’s Hospital has, as a member unit of Hangzhou First People’s Hospital Group, gained rapid growth in just five years, with a great number of achievements. A range of achievements have encompassed a total of over 50,000 newborns with midwifery, more than 400 water births, over 2,000 infertile couples assisted in getting pregnant successfully, more than 500 operations on patients with uterine prolapse and urinary incontinence to have a normal life, 1 million and more people for prenatal screening, 15,000 cases of amniocentesis, about 2,000 cases of cordocentesis, as many as one hundred people with the intrauterine therapy for effectively lowering the birth deficiency rate, admission of over 6,000 newborns with various diseases, the youngest premature infant aging 24 weeks and 6 days and weighing merely 725 grams.  Remarkably, in 2018, the hospital welcomed a total of over 13,000 babies, accepted more than 500,000 outpatients and 22,000 inpatients, and performed nearly 8,000 surgeries.

The Hospital became in 2016 the first specialized women’s hospital in Zhejiang province to be granted JCI accreditation and with a high score. Clinical Laboratory of the Hospital received the approval in 2019 of ISO15189 for the medical laboratory, the one to become international. Also, the Hospital has received more than 20 titles, such as China National Hospital for Humanities and Love 2019 jointly awarded by Chinese Bethune Spirit Research Association and Chinese Medical Doctor Association, a Model Unit in Zhejiang Province, the Advanced Collective on the Plan for Women and Children Development in Zhejiang Province, Labor Day Award of Hangzhou, the Collective Unit for Remarkable Voluntary Service, and the Hospital in Zhejiang Province for Health Promoting. The Hospital has, with a premium set on scientific research and talent development, harvested 124 projects in a wide array in the given sector, of which 2 are shared with provincial coordinates, 9 are concerning natural & public welfare, 3 are major projects (or initiatives) in Hangzhou Municipal Science &Technology Commission, 2 patents are for inventions, 14 patent rights are for utility models, and 4 copyrights are for the computer software. Further, 51 theses have been included in SCI, with the highest influencing factor to be 6.513. Management Policies on General Health of Women in Hangzhou and with Perimenopause and Early Menopause has won the first prize of science and technology on medical and health in Zhejiang Province, led by Madam ZHANG Zhifen, Deputy to the National People’s Congress, President of the Hospital, and the noted gynecological endocrinologist in China.

As a public-spirited institute, the Hospital boasts the offering of targeted help and assistance, with free lectures for the public and consciously for the mission of health of China.

The Hospital has taken a lead of the founding of Society of Maternity and Child Health Care in Hangzhou, with a trusteeship over Tonglu Maternity and Child Health Care Hospital, become twin hospitals with Changchun Obstetrics-Gynecology Hospital, carried out technical cooperation with Chun’an Maternity and Child Health Care Hospital and with Lishui Maternity and Child Health Care Hospital, and delivered medical assistance to Qiandongnan Kaili Maternity and Child Health Care Hospital and Enshi Maternity and Child Health Care Hospital. In return, a total of over 1,300 patients have been benefited with targeted help, more than 1,200 trainees have been engaged for pro improvement, and close to 500 experts have been selected corresponding to the policy of talent and resource distribution to inferior divisions. The campaign has been carried out for 2 successive years in terms of education on health into communities. Nearly 600 public-spirited lectures on fitness, bringing benefits to as many as over ten thousand residents notably in a variety of major communities in Hangzhou and those as far as in Jiaxing, Lishui, Jinhua and amid others in Zhejiang Province. The Hospital has, for four straight years and entrusted by Hangzhou Municipal Government, undertaken the project on examinations of cervical carcinoma and breast carcinoma,.

It is a special Hospital by care and health for the full life cycle for women and features lie in Five Centers

The Reproductive Endocrinology Center: A premium has been put on the involvement of different departments by pooling various talents involved as a resource, so that the success of IVF has reached as high as 60%, being at the advanced level nationally. The Center has established the Combined Clinic of Polycystic Ovary Syndrome and the Combined Clinic of the Menopausal Syndrome, led by President ZHANG Zhifen partnering with senior experts from other subjects, for providing the one-stop quality services being general and continual for individual patients. The Pelvic Disease Diagnosis & Treatment and Reproductive Plastic & Rehabilitation Beauty Center: A series of performances with a full life cycle have been involved in health management concerning patients suffering from pelvic floor dysfunction, with syndromes mainly including urine leakage, urinary incontinence, uterine prolapse, male sexual dysfunction, as well as chronic pelvic pain, and fecal incontinence. Prenatal Diagnosis (Screening) Center: As a center in Hangzhou for general prevention and treatment of birth defects, it is responsible for work in the given field by organization, coordination, and guidance, and has been among domestically leading compeers in regard to prenatal screening of free fetal DNA in maternal peripheral blood, with close to 20,000 cases yearly of sample screening. The combined clinic of fetal medicine has received wide popularity in a vast number of mothers-to-be, which has been consisted of experts in the Prenatal Diagnosis Center, Obstetrics Department, Ultrasound, and Genetics. Family Planning Center: Rich experience has been gained in regarding termination of complicated cases or other high risk pregnancies as well as performance to family planning complications. Particularly, the Center has unique methods to deal with uterine scarring pregnancy, incision pregnancy, and residuals after abortion, with a commitment to the protection of females’ fertility. General Center for Physical Examinations: A detached site for one-stop services has been involved in the Center, with internationally front-rank devices for diagnosing and treating. Cherishing the commitment of People-oriented Services, the Center has employed a wide range of choices to meet needs of different groups concerned. Time until now has seen more than 50,000 clients to have physical examinations here.

This is a smart hospital with intelligent procedures and device-based services instead of personal involvement, thus allowing patients to have no more than one time in the process.

With the implementation of the No-More-Than-One-Time Policy, programs have been conducted in terms of medical improvements by increasing convenience and decreasing trouble in queuing, paying, examinations, hospitalization, public service delivering, emergency performing, dispensing, mother-and-child health and care, referral diagnoses, and Internet development + Medical Health Popularization. Access is available namely to discharge settlement, ordering, and online learning about science via Personal Access Device (PAD), coupled with mobile payment for and settlement of hospitalization.


Combined services for a newborn in the Hospital have become accessible and can be done on the phone APP, notably for a variety of certificates and for the registration of a permanent residence in the Province complying with requirements concerned and of insurance involvement.

The APP of Maternity & Child Health Brochure has allowed two-way interactions between examinations of health and care on the part of doctors and self checkups of the maternal.

This is a hospital with choices of pain relief or labor analgesia, thus bringing out more security for the maternal.

The Hospital has involved the system of pain ratings and management for the maternal ever since the day of their hospitalization. A satisfactory array of choices for pain relief is provided for the mothers-to-be when their birth giving is around the corner, including Lamaze Breathing, music listening, massaging and amid others. When the pain assessment reaches no lower than 4 points, pain interventions are ready to take, by means of doula delivery, painless delivery, childbirth with family company in the delivery room, free labor position, water analgesia, water delivery and many others, so as to help relieve the pain involved.


Hangzhou Women’s Hospital had, as one of the first 7 pilots nationally for pain relief, over 13,000 newborns last year, with 39% in labor analgesia, which is expected to reach as high as 50%, or 10% strikingly higher than the average level domestically.


This is a considerate hospital with

candy, books, and coffee,

as a series of warm-hearted measures winning a sense of satisfaction in patients.

Bars serving coffee and western food have been equipped with at the entrance of the outpatient clinic on the first floor, in the waiting rooms on the fourth and fifth floors, coupled with Kunpeng Book Bar being broad and bright on the second floor, all of which have facilitated to create a cozy and scented atmosphere for people free from worries and anxieties while waiting.

Kunpeng Candy Bar has, on the third floor of the outpatient clinic, provided candy, hot water, and cups, leaving the patients an impression of staying at home.

The kangaroo mother care has been included in NICU, care and respect is highlighted by the team of the Hospital in rapid rehabilitation during the perioperative period in gynecology. A wide range of such clinics with special features has been employed with pro explanations and instructions to various puzzles, diseases, and pains, as Breastfeeding, Drug Taking, Post-abortion Care, Gynecology of TCM, nutrition, Clinical Psychology, Male Urinary, Newborns, Scar, and Galactophore Department.

The Hospital has, as a big home, been considerate and warm to its staff members. Obviously, wishes to and dinner preparation for doctors and nurses on duty on Spring Festivals, welfare to the front-line members in summer, summer holiday classes of after-school supervision for children of the crew. Also, every member of the Hospital is warm-hearted, by active involvement in voluntary blood donation for five successive years. This year, the number has even surpassed 100 people, and 12 have signed the application form of bone marrow donation.


The Hospital was spoken highly of by Madam SUN Chunlan, Vice Premier of the State Council, during her visit to Zhejiang in 2018 for a survey in terms of further reforming on public hospitals, who noted “The Hospital is well built and better with soft services. Also, the construction of the Party is done well. An overall range has been involved in your work as a lead.”