The latest news about Hangzhou Women’s Hospital is included. The pictures and texts are complete and updated in real time. It is the first time to understand the development of the hospital and grasp the pulse of the hospital.

Notes before a Visit

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Location of the Branch

The Branch is located at No.407, Qingchuan Street, Jiangcun Sub-district, Xihu District, with an area of about 8,000 m2 and the design and decoration in line with the international standard for a Grade-III public hospital for women.


About the Branch







About the Operation and Management of the Branch

An integrated system of management has been adopted in the general Hospital and the Branch, which has, designed and decorated complying with the international standard for a Grade-III public women’s hospital, anchored in the superior hospital of Hangzhou Women’s Hospital (Hangzhou Maternity and Child Care Hospital). Correspondingly, the resources are shared between the branch in the West of the City and its general Hospital, thus allowing the residents where the branch is located will be spared from seeking medical service in Qianjiang New City Hospital. In return, time to be spent on medical treatment will be shortened greatly.

A referral channel has been available, linking Qingchuan Street in West of the City and Kunpeng Road in Qianjiang New City, which will become a facilitator of procedures for appointments for delivery in the general hospital by the pregnant women in the branch hospital with a record for pregnancy details and to have prenatal checkups and return visits. The said referral channel has thus become conducive to easy appointment of hospitalization in the general hospital, besides such checkups in high demand as fetal cardiac ultrasound examinations, NT checks, 3D ultrasound, pelvic floor ultrasound, amniocentesis. Immediate visits can be made in the general hospital to have checks by those having made appointments in the branch hospital.


About the Departments in the Branch Hospital

The branch hospital in its initial stage has employed such divisions in the outpatient departments as Gynecology, Obstetrics, Reproductive Endocrinology, Female Pelvic Floor, Prenatal Screening and Diagnosis, the Family Planning, children health care (SPA, hearing and vision tests and bone mineral density test), Gynecology of TCM, and mastalgia of TCM.

There are no such departments as Emergency, Fever Clinics, Gastro-intestinal Clinic, and Pediatric Clinic. In case of a flow of amniotic fluid at child birth, massive hemorrhage or other emergencies, immediate medical service shall be found in the institutions involved, since no wards are equipped with in the stated branch hospital now. 


About Appointment Making and Medical Service Seeking in the Branch Hospital

Current access to the branch hospital has been offered via the reservation and registration platform of Zhejiang Province, App on a smart phone through the citizen card, appointments in hospitals in the communities, and the platforms of 12580 and 114.

The branch hospital has provided one-stop services, which can be finished with no site changing for reservation and appointments, triage by nurses, patient receiving for treatment by doctors, fetal heart rate monitoring, Ultrasound & ECG and amid others. Thus, medical service for patients can be accessible in a comfortable way instead of alternating sites back and forth.


About the Business Hours and the Contact

From Monday through Friday


8:00 - 12:00 a.m.; 13:30 - 17:00 p.m.

Tel: 0571-56685001      Location: No. 407, Qingchuan Street