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Opening of the Branch of the Hospital in West of the City on October 16

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This afternoon has seen the grand opening of the branch in West of the City (Hangzhou Women’s Hospital (Hangzhou Maternity and Child Care Hospital)).


The opening has pooled more than 200 attendees notably including SUN Yongrong (Secretary of and Director of the Party Committee of Hangzhou Municipal Health Commission), ZHANG Genming (Secretary of the Party Committee of Xihu District), GAO Guofei (Deputy Secretary of the Party Committee of and Head of Xihu District), and WU Xiangqian and GAO Weixing (members of the Standing Committee of the Party Committee of Xihu District), together with persons in the leading positions in departments and the Street involved, and those in the leading and secondary positions in the Hospital. The opening has been presided over by QIAN Zhiqing (Deputy Head of Xihu District).

At the opening, a speech has been addressed by GAO Guofei (Head of Xihu District), who has pinned a hope -- for the District and the Hospital together, partnership will be contributed to the parallel development of the brand and features, so as to create a quality special hospital; cooperative mind will keep committed to medical capabilities and ethics to earn a good name of the Hospital in the modern era; joint efforts will bring out common progress both in thinking and management, for a hospital being people-centered.


President ZHANG Zhifen has, on behalf of the Hospital, noted that the branch will have a share of resources and researches, and involvement of experts with the Hospital, so that services of the same quality will reach the common people with those in the Hospital, and that the Hospital will shoulder the responsibility to provide kids and women in Xihu District with services that is safe, and standard in good quality.


That the public in Xihu District can enjoy the services for kids and women by the municipality-owned medical institute has shown that the health and medical resources have made remarkable progress by their distribution in the downtown of Hangzhou and that the services by such a hospital have gone deeper into the common people, according to Director SUN Yongrong in her congratulations to the opening of the branch in the given site, who has also noted that the branch shall have a targeted orientation for its development and set a focus on health of the public, in order to give a better play of the advantages and features of such a hospital and promote the coordinative advancement of the branch and the general Hospital, that the branch shall keep a clear mind in its targets and bear the responsibilities for public-interested services, as a model of a public hospital being responsible for the society and the common well-being; that the branch shall keep committed to promotion and self improvement by a constant mind for development, for the purpose of growth domestically and globally banking on continual and further refinement.


Secretary ZHANG Genming has declared the official operation of Hangzhou Women’s Hospital (Hangzhou Maternity and Child Care Hospital) in the west of Hangzhou.