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Beautiful Female Deputies on Their Way Fulfilling Their Work

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We've embraced March 8th The International Women's Day in the spring. There are always beautiful women who show their wisdom, power and charms of Chinese females in their own posts. Let's wish the best to all females and show them our respect!

March 8, 2019

Women's Day encounters

the "Two Sessions" again.

Female deputies have been busy

in fulfilling their duties

on this festival every year.

Confident, elegant,

independent and warm as they are

the busy females

become a beautiful scene of the National People's Congress of NPC.


ZHANG Zhifen, deputy of the National People's Congress of PRC and President of Hangzhou Women's Hospital (Hangzhou Maternity and Child Health Care Hospital)

The contents such as "Strengthen the teambuilding of general physicians to facilitate layered diagnosis and treatment" and "Promote medical care payment reform" highlighted in Government Work Report will greatly ease the status of "Difficult to see doctors" to a large extent as far as Ms. ZHANG's concerned. As President of Hangzhou Women's Hospital, Ms. ZHANG introduced the hospital launched Maternity & Child Care Brochure Application based on "Internet+" thinking. The APP includes personal profiles, pregnancy and breading knowledge, health test and prenatal examination results. Doctors can refer all check data of pregnant women at any time via the platform and pregnant women can also communicate with doctors about it. The platform is under marketing in the nationwide. Ms. ZHANG represented that it was exactly an attempt and exploration to "improve maternity & child care services" as mentioned in the report. She also said she was greatly inspired by the contents of "propelling medical care price, personnel remuneration, medication circulation and medical care payment reform". She suggested we should deepen the linkage reform among medical services, medical care and medication to establish new mechanism in public hospitals.

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