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NPC Deputies in Hangzhou: Convey Hangzhou Voice during Two Sessions with Due Diligence

Posted on 2019-03-19 View 1693 times


(Photographer: LIU Bin, Journalist of Xinhua News Agency)

On March 15, the Second Session of the 13th National People's Congress of People's Republic of China concluded all matters on the agenda and had a successful closing in Beijing. On that afternoon, deputies of Hangzhou who attended the session went back to Hangzhou when finishing all tasks.

The medical team was in short supply along with implementation of two-child policy, quickened population ageing and deepened reform of medication & public health system. ZHANG Zhifen, deputy of the National People's Congress of PRC and President of Hangzhou Women's Hospital, suggests it is impending to establish an improved training system for needy talents, improve medical environment, provide guarantee in title promotion and remuneration and promote attractions of the needy posts.



People choose me to represent them and I should be a deputy for people. Deputies say that this year is the 70th anniversary since new China was established and also the key to overall construction of modestly prosperous society. They will convey, learn and publicize the spirit of "Two Sessions" of China immediately when they go back to their posts, concentrate on "Six Actions", take initiative in fulfilling their duties and shouldering their responsibilities based on development facts of Hangzhou to make greater contributions to speeding up more building a more glamorous Hangzhou as a famous ancient city.


Source: Hangzhou Daily News, Hangzhou TV General Channel