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“IUGA Exchange Program”Excellent 2019 IUGA Exchange Program

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"The most memorable place in Jiangnan is Hangzhou." The 2019 IUGA Exchange Program, sponsored by the Pelvic Floor Group of Obstetrics and Gynecology Society of the Chinese Medical Association and Hangzhou Women's Hospital (Hangzhou Maternity and Child Care Hospital), kicked off in Hangzhou on the morning of April 11, 2019. 

ZHU Lan, the group leader of Pelvic Floor Group of Obstetrics and Gynecology Society of the Chinese Medical Association and the professor of Peking Union Medical College Hospital chaired the conference. We invited IUGA Chairman Lynsey Hayward; Professor Peter Dwyer, an Australian member of IUGA Academic Committee; Professor Roy Ng, a Singapore Pelvic Floor Expert; Professor Kurt Lobodasch, a German Pelvic Floor Specialist and the Consulate General of the European Association of Urology; US Professor Abraham Morse; Professor LU Yongxian of the Fourth Medical Center of PLA General Hospital in the field of gynecological pelvic floor and urology; Professor WANG Jianliu of Peking University People's Hospital; Professor ZHANG Xiaowei of The First Affiliate Hospital of Guangzhou Medical University; Professor HUA Keqin of Fudan University; Professor JIN Hangmei of the Women's Hospital School of Medicine Zhejiang University and other leading figures both at home and abroad, who have composed a beautiful chapter for us on the progress of international pelvic floor urology. 

The conference demonstrated the latest development of international pelvic floor science in an all-round and multi-dimension way through excellent lectures and surgical demonstrations. In addition, a wonderful workshop session was held where international leading figures exchanged face-to-face, enabling scholars to complete the accumulation and conversion from basic knowledge to clinical practice. 


The Speech of Welcome 

Professor LI Xiangjuan, Vice President of Hangzhou Women's Hospital and Leader of the Pelvic Floor Team delivered a speech of welcome. As the host, she introduced and welcomed domestic and international experts attending the conference.


IUGA Exchange Program and Opening Ceremony

Professor ZHU Lan: IUGA Exchange Program and Opening Ceremony 

Professor ZHU Lan first made the opening remarks and introduced the IUGA exchange program. Professor ZHU said the IUGA Exchange Program aims to promote international exchange of knowledge and skills in urology and gynecology, and is dedicated to pelvic floor rehabilitation for Chinese women and big data development. Due to China's three-level network structure, large population and uneven health care services, more than 5,000 departments have implemented the project from the launch of Chinese female pelvic floor dysfunction prevention and treatment program in 2008 to 2018 The project aims to standardize China's data of pelvic floor rehabilitation and promote their application nationwide, benefiting more Chinese women (especially after the policy of the two-child policy). 


Prof.Lynsey Hayward: AUGS/IUGA 

Professor Lynsey Hayward, President of IUGA, introduced IUGA to all. IUGA is committed to advancing the dissemination of urological and patient nursing knowledge globally through education and the promotion of basic and clinical research on female pelvic floor diseases, aiming to improve the lives of women of all ages with pelvic floor diseases through quality medical care. To this end, IUGA has done a lot of work, including the organizing of annual meetings and educational activities, the standardizing programs and terminology, the creating international certification tools to create more opportunities for the development of its profession. In addition, IUGA has also founded the official journal--"International Journal of Urology and Gynecology", developed the IUGA surgical database, website, offline training programs and so on, and warmly welcome everyone to register and join the IUGA organization. 


Prof.Lynsey Hayward 

Subsequently, Professor Roy Ng of the National University of Singapore stepped onto the stage to deliver a speech of welcome. He extended his great welcome to all the experts attending the meeting and invited more Chinese experts to join the IUGA family. 


Prof.Roy Ng 

Academic Lectures

Prof.Lynsey Hayward: What to do when the sling fails 


Professor Lynsey Hayward, current chairman of IUGA, brings the attendee a wonderful sharing on "Management of postoperative recurrence of stress urinary incontinence". 

Prof.Roy Ng: Applied Anatomy for the pelvic surgeon 


Professor Roy Ng, from the National University of Singapore, gives an excellent presentation on applied anatomy in pelvic floor surgery. He stressed the necessity to have a good knowledge of the anatomy of the pelvic floor. He also showed everyone the importance of mastering the anatomical structure. His practical clinical knowledge benefited the participants a lot.


Prof.Peter Dwyer: Cystourethroscopy and the gynaecologist past and present 


Professor Peter Dwyer, former president of the IUGA, gave a wonderful lecture on "The Presence and the Past of Cystourethroscopy and Gynaecologists".


Prof.Kurt Lobodasch: To mesh or not to mesh? 


Professor Kurt Lobodasch, former President of the European International Council of Urology, gave an excellent lecture: Use or not use mesh? Currently, surgical mesh implants are managed as medical devices, and European authorities require that such devices be tested before being listed for sale and use. Recently, European governments have introduced a series of changes in view of existing regulations, aiming at establishing a robust, transparent, predictable and sustainable regulatory framework for medical devices to ensure patients' safety while supporting innovations.


Prof.Abraham Morse: Interstitial Cystitis: Case-based review of current practice 


Interstitial cystitis (IC), the most recent name of which is bladder pain syndrome. Professor Abraham Morse, a urogynaecologist from the United States, explained the diagnosis and treatment of bladder pain syndrome in detail by sharing a typical case. 

Professor ZHU Lan: Appropriate selection of indication and long-term clinical outcome of laparoscopic sacral ligament suspension 


Professor ZHU Lan from Peking Union Medical College Hospital shared the "appropriate selection of indication and long-term clinical outcome of laparoscopic sacral ligament suspension". 

Professor WANG Jianliu: Severity evaluation of patients with pelvic prolapse 


Professor WANG Jianliu from Peking University People's Hospital gave us a wonderful lecture on the severity evaluation of patients with pelvic prolapse. Professor WANG stressed that the pelvic floor works as a very complex and harmonious whole. Pelvic organ prolapse is often accompanied by symptoms such as urinary incontinence and lower abdominal dropping and swelling. So once prolapse occurs, it must be evaluated comprehensively in many aspects. 

Professor SONG Yanfeng: Stress Urinary Incontinence--Different Surgical Options 


Professor SONG Yanfeng from Fuzhou General Hospital shared with us the wonderful experience of "Different Treatment Options for Stress Urinary Incontinence". 

Professor ZHANG Xiaowei: Management of urinary retention


Professor ZHANG Xiaowei from the First Affiliated Hospital of Guangzhou Medical University has brought us rich clinical experience on the management of urinary retention. 

Professor LU Yongxian: How to choose prolapse operation on pelvic organ 


Professor LU Yongxian from the Fourth Medical Center of PLA General Hospital brought us a wonderful sharing on "How to choose t prolapse operation on pelvic organ".

Surgical presentation

Professor WANG Yan: Presacral fixation operation in different paths 


Professor WANG Yan from Yuhuangding Hospital in Yantai, has brought us wonderful lectures and demonstrations on the operation, which have benefited the students here. 

Case discussion 

Professor JIN Hangmei: "Traps in the Treatment of Pelvic Defects: Peritoneal Hernia" 


Professor JIN Hangmei from the Women's Hospital School of Medicine Zhejiang University gave us an explanation of a peritoneal hernia case. 

Professor JIN Hangmei: "Perplexity in the treatment of uterine prolapse: elongation of cervix" 


Professor Jin Hangmei from Women's Hospital School of Medicine Zhejiang University stated the problem of elongation of cervix in the treatment of uterine prolapse. Experts have had a fascinating discussion about the treatment of elongation of cervix.

Professor LI Xiangjuan: Hematoma happened after tension-free vaginal tape (TVT) procedure 


Professor LI Xiangjuan from Hangzhou Women's Hospital gave a video lecture on how to prevent perioperative hematoma, how to monitor patients with postoperative hematoma and how to carry out follow-up on patients with urinary incontinence. 

Professor LI Xiangjuan: Mesh exposure problem


Professor LI Xiangjuan from Hangzhou Women's Hospital shared some wonderful cases of Mesh exposure. 

Grand on-site discussion




workshop Section

In this grand event, IUGA and Chinese experts jointly presented a workshop feast for everyone. Students are divided into six small classes to closely face-to-face contact with the big figures through listening, watching, asking and practicing, from which students benefited a lot.


Prof.Roy Ng: POP-Q system 


Professor Roy Ng from the National University Hospital of Singapore shared a wonderful workshop on POP-Q scoring. Professor Roy Ng vividly explained how to accurately score POP-Q through a large number of images illustrations. All the students listened attentively with questions and discussion cropping up. 


Prof. Abraham Morse: Anal Sphincter Repair (video demonstration) 


Professor Abraham Morse, a urogynaecologist from the United States, showed us how to treat anal tears in childbirth and repair the sphincter using a video demonstration of the procedure. 


Prof. Kurt Lobodasch: Anal Sphincter Repair (simulation and practice) 


Professor Kurt Lobodasch, former president of the European International Council of Urology, explained the repair method of anal sphincter and simulated it with real objects. After the explanation, he directly asked all the participants to start a simulation exercise to let them have a further understanding of the exact technique of suture repair. 


Prof. Roy Ng: Understanding urodynamics 


In this workshop, Professor Roy Ng from the National University Hospital of Singapore gave pertinent information on urodynamics.


Prof. Abraham Morse: Pad test, voiding diary and uroflowmetry


Professor Abraham Morse, an expert in urology and gynecology from the United States, gave a detailed analysis of practical clinical knowledge related to pad tests, voiding diaries and urine flow measurements. 


Prof. Kurt Lobodacsh: Case discussion-interpretation of urodynamic study


Professor Kurt Lobodacsh, former President of the European International Council of Urology, brought a relevant sharing on urodynamics in everyday work. Preceding from the history of urodynamics, the professor gave a detailed explanation on the relevant knowledge and cited easy and understandable examples combining daily work. As the participating students raised their hands to ask questions one after another, the distance between the professor and students disappeared. Meanwhile, domestic and international scholars launched a warm discussion on clinical issues. 


Closing Ceremony and Issuing Certificate of Completion