About us

Everything for the health of women and children, everything for the health of women and children


Who we are

Hangzhou Women’s Hospital (Hangzhou Maternity and Child Health Care Hospital), directly affiliated with Hangzhou Municipal Health Commission, is a public hospital that integrates medical treatment, health care, teaching and scientific research and is designed and built as per the standard for tertiary specialized hospitals. It undertakes the responsibility of a maternal and child medical care management guidance center in entire Hangzhou. Officially opened on November 12, 2014 and granted JCI accreditation in December 2016, Hangzhou Women’s Hospital is the first hospital in Hangzhou and the first specialized women’s hospital in Zhejiang province to be granted JCI accreditation.

Qianjiang New City Hospital, located at No.369 Kunpeng Road, Shangcheng District, Hangzhou, i.e. central area of Hangzhou CBD, covers an area of 23.5mu and a building area of 96,000m2, with 600 beds approved and over 1,100 staff members. Chengxi Hospital is located at No. 405, Qingchuan Street, Xihu District with a building area of 8,050m2. In 2018, the hospital welcomed a total of over 13,000 babies, accepted more than 500,000 outpatients and 22,000 inpatients and performed nearly 8,000 surgeries with an average hospitalization of 5.26 days.

What we do 

Hangzhou Women’s Hospital is a member unit of Hangzhou First People's Hospital Group, featuring complete departments and distinctive specialties. With obstetrics and gynecology being a key medical discipline co-developed by the provincial and municipal governments and gynecology, obstetrics, reproductive medicine and prenatal diagnostics being key medical disciplines of Hangzhou, the hospital recruits Prof. LANG Jinghe, academician of Chinese Academy of Engineering, as the honorary president, Prof. SHI Yifu, renowned scholar in obstetrics and gynecology, as advisor and Prof. KURT LOBODASCH, former president of the European International Consular Association of Urology, as the technical adviser of the Pelvic Floor Center to guide the hospital in clinical, scientific research, health care and other aspects of works. Currently, Hangzhou Women’s Hospital is home to such clinical departments as Obstetrics Department, Gynecology Department, Neonates Department, Reproduction and Family Planning Department, Gynecology of TCM, Medical Cosmetology Department, Galactophore Department, Women Healthcare Department, Child Health Care Department and ICU and such centers as Hangzhou Gynecological Endocrine Disease Diagnosis & Treatment Center, Hangzhou Perimenopausal Health Care Center, Hangzhou Prenatal Diagnosis (Screening) Center, Hangzhou Pelvic Floor Dysfunction Diagnosis & Treatment Center, which are all Hangzhou municipal centers. Center for Reproductive Medicine is the only one that is granted IVF technology qualification among Hangzhou municipal medical units and maintains a relatively high IVF success rate. Women’s Nutrition Center, Children Development Center, Physical Examination Center and LDR Center as well as Postpartum Care Center are characteristic centers of the hospital.

Undertaking the responsibility of a maternal and child medical care management guidance center in entire Hangzhou, the hospital manages 56 midwifery institutions, 198 maternal and child healthcare centers of township health centers and community health service centers in 15 districts, counties and cities across Hangzhou. It coordinates the third-level maternal and child health care network in Hangzhou, provides regular business guidance and special training to maternal and child health care centers and gives advices on the establishment of star-level maternal and child health care clinics in all districts, counties and cities.

The hospital boasts warm and comfortable environment and advanced medical equipment and facilities, such as world-class water delivery system, fully automatic blood sampling system, automatic drug dispensing system, medical gas system meeting European standards, pneumatic tube systems, cloud device management system, fully automatic biochemical immune assembly line and nuclear magnetic resonances, providing a solid foundation for excellent medical treatment, education and research.

Why do it

While paying much attention to its development, the hospital also advocates the culture of “home” and promotes gathering strength of its home members to enable its services subjects to experience the warmth of “home”. Meanwhile, the hospital is enthusiastic about social and public welfare undertakings and never forgets to give back to our society. On the occasion of its 1st anniversary in 2015, it launched the “Hundred, Thousand and Ten Thousand” People-Benefiting Health Project, insisting on designating at least one hundred doctors to see patients on a volunteer basis, with such service covering 13 districts, counties and cities in Hangzhou, offering at least a thousand chances for free material and child test, which were given to poor population with special needs free of charge, and releasing ten thousand copies of popular science materials involving promotion of public health development for free every year.

Currently having a trusteeship over Chun’an Maternity and Child Health Care Hospital, Tonglu Maternity and Child Health Care Hospital, the hospital has carried out technical cooperation with Yiwu Fuyuan Hospital Hongdi Hospital, Lishui Maternity and Child Health Care Hospital, Yiwu Beiyuan Sub-district Community Health Service Center, Yipeng Community Health Service Center, Dajiangdong Community Health Service Center and other hospitals and centers, and gives medical assistance to Qiandongnan Kaili Maternity and Child Health Care Hospital and Enshi Maternity and Child Health Care Hospital.

Adhering to the motto of “Love and benevolence, self-driven and excellence”, the hospital insists on integration of prevention, healthcare and treatment, close combination of clinical medicine, scientific research and education, and closely connection between hospital, community and society based in Hangzhou, facing the entire province and radiating our country and foreign countries. With mission being “devoting all for mother and children’s health, and devoting to all mothers and children’s health”, it strives to be a trust-worthy and grateful hospital in both medical services and health promotion with its caring services and remarkable technology.